Symposium on Robotic Skill Learning and Cognition

17–19 April 2012

Autonomous skill learning is a highly desirable feature in task-oriented robotics.Still, there are currently few examples of truely autonomous robotic capacity of robot to control behaviors to changing work-space condition based on perception and skills acquired during run-time operation. The purpose of this symposium is to investigate and bring forward the interaction between exteroception (perception) and task-oriented sequential motion planning and coordination in contexts of robotics, biomimetics and human cognition. In this symposium, distinguished scientists from control, computer science, robotics, neuroscience, cognitive science will be brought together to highlight the state of the art and current issues on skills, learning and cognition.

Advisory Board

Christian Balkenius
Aude Billard
Herman Bruyninckx
Peter Gärdenfors
Germund Hesslow
Henrik Jörntell
Rolf Johansson, Chair
Jacek Malec
Anders Rantzer
Il Hong Suh
Patrick van der Smagt
Kevin Warwick

The symposium will be held at the Old Bishop's Palace at Biskopsgatan 1 in Lund.

The symposium program is here. Registration is closed.