LCCC Focus Period on Large-Scale and Distributed Optimization

Large-scale optimization is an important tool in many fields. Examples include statistical estimation (supervised and unsupervised learning), signal reconstruction, compressed sensing, bioinformatics, medical imaging, distributed/networked control, filter design, and computational finance. Tools and methods for large-scale and distributed optimization are therefore of outstanding importance and can have an impact in many different fields. 
This focus period is therefore focused on large-scale optimization methods in general. Such methods can among many other things be used for control of complex large-scale systems, where the efficiency of the methods is crucial for control performance. The generality of the topic is expected to stimulate fruitful cross-disciplinary collaboration.

From May 29 to June 30, 2017, LCCC will be hosting a focus period on Large-Scale and Distributed Optimization. The focus period will include a workshop with approximately 22 distinguished speakers, to be held in Lund, June 14 to June 16.

The workshop is limited to 60 invited participants. Persons interested to stay as visiting scholar for at least two weeks in addition to the workshop week are encouraged to contact Anders Rantzer or Pontus Giselsson. Invitation as visiting scholar includes free accommodation and workshop registration.

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