Conference Contribution

Internal Server State Estimation Using Event-based Particle Filtering

Johan Ruuskanen, Anton Cervin


Closed-loop control of cloud resources requires there to be measurements readily available from the process in order to use the feedback mechanism to form a control law. If utilizing state-feedback control, sought states might be unfeasible or impossible to measure in real applications; instead they must be estimated. However, running the estimators in real time for all measurements will require a lot of computational overhead. Further, if the observer and process are disjoint, sending all measurements will put extra strain on the network.

In this work-in-progress paper, we propose an event-based particle filter approach to capture the internal dynamics of a server with CPU-intensive workload whilst minimizing the required computation or inter-system network strain. Preliminary results show some promise as it outperforms estimators derived from analytic expression for stationary systems in service rate estimation over number of samples used for a simulation experiment. Further we show that for the same simulation, an event-based sampling strategy outperforms periodic sampling.

In 4th International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communication and Signal Processing, Perpignan, France, June  2018.

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