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Book Contribution:
Karl-Erik Årzén, Anton Cervin: Software and Platform Issues in Feedback Control Systems. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Fredrik Bagge Carlson et al: Linear Parameter-Varying Spectral Decomposition. 2017.

PhD Thesis:
Christian Grussler: Rank Reduction with Convex Constraints. January 2017.

Journal Article:
Fredrik Magnusson, Johan Åkesson: Symbolic elimination in dynamic optimization based on block-triangular ordering. 2017.

Journal Article:
Christian Cuba Samaniego et al: Stability analysis of an artificial biomolecular oscillator with non-cooperative regulatory interactions. 2017.

Journal Article:
Mahdi Ghazaei et al: On the Convergence of Iterative Learning Control. 2017.

Technical Report:
Ikhlaq Sidhu et al: Berkeley Innovation Index: An approach for measuring and diagnosing individual’s and organizations’ innovation capabilities. February 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Margret Bauer et al: KPIs as the interface between scheduling and control. 2016.

Conference Contribution:
Charlotta Johnsson et al: On using games for practicing entrepreneurial mindset. 2016.

Journal Article:
Charlotta Johnsson et al: Technology Management: a cross-disciplinary master program with a focus on Leadership. 2016.

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