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Conference Contribution:
Yang Xu et al: LQG-Based Control and Scheduling Co-Design. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Marcus Thelander Andrén et al: On Event-Based Sampling for H2-Optimal Control. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Josefin Berner et al: Autotuner identification of TITO systems using a single relay feedback experiment. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Martin Karlsson et al: Autonomous Interpretation of Demonstrations for Modification of Dynamical Movement Primitives. 2017.

Licentiate Thesis:
Fredrik Bagge Carlson: Modeling and Estimation Topics in Robotics. March 2017.

Journal Article:
Antonio Filieri et al: Control Strategies for Self-Adaptive Software Systems. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Stepan Shevtsov et al: Handling New and Changing Requirements with Guarantees in Self-Adaptive Systems using SimCA. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Martina Maggio et al: Self-Adaptive Video Encoder: Comparison of Multiple Adaptation Strategies Made Simple. 2017.

Book Contribution:
Martina Maggio: Real-Time Implementation of Control Systems. 2017.

Book Contribution:
Alex Iosup et al: Self-awareness of Cloud Applications. 2017.

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