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Conference Contribution:
Yang Xu et al: Jitter-Robust LQG Control and Real-Time Scheduling Co-Design. 2018.

Technical Report:
Victor Millnert et al: Achieving predictable and low end-to-end latency for a cloud-robotics network. April 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Sara Sigfridsson et al: Modeling of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle in Modelica: Architecture and Drive Cycle Simulation. 2018.

Journal Article:
Kristian Soltesz, Anton Cervin: When is PID a good choice?. 2018.

Technical Report:
Viktor Edpalm et al: H.264 Video Frame Size Estimation. March 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Martin Karlsson et al: Convergence of Dynamical Movement Primitives with Temporal Coupling. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Martin Karlsson et al: Detection and Control of Contact Force Transients in Robotic Manipulation without a Force Sensor. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Fredrik Bagge Carlson et al: Identification of LTV Dynamical Models with Smooth or Discontinuous Time Evolution by means of Convex Optimization. 2018.

Journal Article:
Josefin Berner et al: An experimental comparison of PID autotuners. 2018.

Journal Article:
Kristian Soltesz: Robust computation of pulse pressure variations. 2018.

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