Karl Johan Åström

Travels in process reality

Experiences gained from working on a wide range of control techniques in the process industry are summarized with emphasis on  lessons learned and reflections on future development. The techniques encountered include: computer control, PID control, automatic controller tuning, system identification and adaptive control. The experiences are obtained by working with small (NAF and  Telemetric), medium sized  (AlfaLaval Automation and Satt Control) and large companies (ABB, Billerud,  Emerson, Fisher Controls, IBM, MoDo and UTC).

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Karl Johan Åström was educated at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in
Stockholm. After working for IBM Research for five years he was appointed Pro-
fessor of the Chair of Automatic Control at Lund Institute of Technology/Lund
University in 1965 where he established a new department. He is now senior
professor at Lund University. Åström has broad interests of theory and applica-
tions of control. He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the
Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science and the US National Academy
of Engineering. Åström is a Fellow of IFAC, a life Fellow of IEEE, and he has
Erdös number 3. He has received many honors among them, six honorary doc-
tors degrees, the 1985 Rufus Oldenburger Medal from ASME, the 1987 Quazza
Medal from the IFAC, the 1990 IEEE Control Systems Award, the 1993 IEEE
Medal of Honors. In 2003 he was inducted in the Process Control Hall of fame.


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