Focus Period Seminars April – May 2013

Thursday 4 April 13:15–14:00

Using semidefinite programming to find invariants for automatic reasoning tools
Nikos Aréchiga, CMU - Toyota

Thursday 4 April 14:00–14:45

Typical-Case Analysis of Mixed-Critical Real-Time Systems
Sophie Quinton, TU Braunschweig

Tuesday 23 April 15:15–16:00

Temporal Logic Model Predictive Control
Ebru Aydin Gol, Boston University

Wednesday 24 April 15:15–16:00

Rewarding Probabilistic Hybrid Automata
Ernst Moritz Hahn, Oxford University

Wednesday 24 April 16:00–16:45

Using Statistical Model Checking for Power Scheduling in Nanosatellites
Erik Ramsgaard Wognsen, Aalborg University