An Adaptive Utilisation Accelerator for Virtualized Environments

Giovanni Toffetti, IBM Haifa Research Lab


Presentation slides

One of the key enablers of a cloud provider competitiveness is ability to over-commit shared infrastructure at ratios that are higher than those of other competitors, without compromising non-functional requirements, such as performance. A widely recognized impediment to achieving this goal is so called "Virtual Machines sprawl", a phenomenon referring to the situation when customers order Virtual Machines (VM) on the cloud, use them extensively and then leave them inactive for prolonged periods of time. Since a typical cloud provisioning system treats new VM provision requests according to the nominal virtual hardware specification, an often occurring situation is that the nominal resources of a cloud/pool become exhausted fast while the physical hosts utilization remains low.

We present IBM adaPtive UtiLiSation AcceleratoR (IBM PULSAR), a cloud resources scheduler that extends OpenStack Nova Filter Scheduler. IBM PULSAR recognises that effective safely attainable over-commit ratio varies with time due to workloads' variability and dynamically adapts the effective over-commit ratio to these changes.

Biography:  Giovanni Toffetti is currently a researcher in the Cloud Operating System Technologies group of IBM Haifa Research Lab. He received is PhD from Politecnico di Milano and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Lugano and University College London. His main research interest include Web and cloud engineering, adaptive systems, and content-based routing.