Synthesis of software-based control protocols for dynamically reconfigurable networks

Ufuk Topcu


We discuss specification and synthesis of software-based control protocols that dynamically reconfigure a network as the environment in which the network operates changes. We consider power networks on aircraft and software-defined computer networks as driving applications. In the former, the underlying network needs to reconfigure in order to guarantee, for example, satisfactory delivery of electric power to loads as the flight conditions and the health status of the generators and other equipment change. In software-based computer networks, the access control policies need to be updated (reconfigured) to preserve high-level security and performance requirements as the requests from the users change. We present samples of our recent work on correct-by-construction synthesis of control protocols with examples drawn from these two applications. We highlight the commonalities as well as the differences in the underlying abstractions and problems and outline our current plans---partly driven by domain specific insights---toward improving the scalability of the proposed methods.

Presentation Slides