Recent Publications

Anders Rantzer et al (Eds.): In Control of Complexity. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Tommi Nylander et al: Cloud Application Predictability through Integrated Load-Balancing and Service Time Control. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Johan Ruuskanen, Anton Cervin: Internal Server State Estimation Using Event-based Particle Filtering. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Gustav Nilsson, Giacomo Como: Evaluation of Decentralized Feedback Traffic Light Control with Dynamic Cycle Length. 2018.

PhD Thesis:
Gabriel Turesson: Model-Based Optimization of Combustion-Engine Control. May 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Olof Troeng, Bo Bernhardsson: An Intuitive Design Method for Disturbance-Rejecting Peak Filters. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Tommi Nylander et al: BrownoutCC: Cascaded Control for Bounding the Response Times of Cloud Applications. 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Yang Xu et al: Jitter-Robust LQG Control and Real-Time Scheduling Co-Design. 2018.

Technical Report:
Victor Millnert et al: Achieving predictable and low end-to-end latency for a cloud-robotics network. April 2018.

Conference Contribution:
Sara Sigfridsson et al: Modeling of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle in Modelica: Architecture and Drive Cycle Simulation. 2018.

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