Recent Publications

Journal Article:
Kristian Soltesz: Robust computation of pulse pressure variations. 2018.

Technical Report:
Fredrik Bagge Carlson, Mathias Haage: YuMi low-level motion guidance using the Julia programming language and Externally Guided Motion Research Interface. December 2017.

Fredrik Bagge Carlson: BasisFunctionExpansions.jl : Basis Function Expansions for Julia. 2017.

Fredrik Bagge Carlson: LPVSpectral.jl : A toolbox for least-squares spectral estimation and LPV spectral decomposition.. 2017.

Journal Article:
Marcus Greiff, Anders Robertsson: Optimization Based Motion Planning With Obstacles And Priorities. 2017.

Conference Contribution:
Carolina Lidström et al: H-infinity Optimal Distributed Control in Discrete Time. 2017.

PhD Thesis:
Yang Xu: LQG-Based Real-Time Scheduling and Control Codesign. November 2017.

Licentiate Thesis:
Olof Troeng: Cavity Field Control for High-Intensity Linear Proton Accelerators. November 2017.

Journal Article:
Gustav Nilsson, Giacomo Como: On Generalized Proportional Allocation Policies for Traffic Signal Control. 2017.

Journal Article:
Moritz Hübel et al: Modelling and simulation of a coal-fired power plant for start-up optimisation. 2017.

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