The purpose of this focus period five week focus period (October 8 to November 9) is to gather outstanding researchers with complementing competences in learning, control, robotics and neuroscience to stimulate exchange of ideas and inspire new research directions. The focus period will include a workshop with approximately 22 distinguished speakers, to be held in Lund, October 24-26, 2018.


Confirmed speakers

Francesca Cacucci, UCL, Great Britain
Marie Csete, Caltech, USA
Ondrej Chum, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Mathew Diamond, International School for Advanced Studies, Italy
John Doyle, Caltech, USA
Auke Ijspeert, EPFL, Switzerland
Henrik Jörntell, Lund University, Sweden
Hedvig Kjellström Sidenbladh, KTH, Sweden
Per Petersson, Lund University, Sweden
Ben Recht, UC Berkeley, USA
Angela Schoelling, University of Toronto, Canada
Patrick van der Smagt, Technical University of Munich and Volkswagen Group, Germany
Stefano Soatto, UCLA, USA
Csaba Szevesvari, University of Alberta, USA
Paul Verschure, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain
René Vidal, Johns Hopkins University, USA
C I de Zeeuw, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, The Netherlands

Organizing committee

Anders Rantzer, director of LCCC, Automatic Control, Lund University
Rolf Johansson, Automatic Control, Lund University
Karl Åström, Mathematics, Lund University

Scientific advisory committee

Il Hong Suh, Hanyang University, Korea
John Doyle, Caltech, USA
Ben Recht, UC Berkeley, USA
Paul Verschure, University Pompeu Fabra, Spain